Football crazy and living in Michigan

I am forty something and a huge American Football fan, although I am living in Michigan the Raiders are my team and have been since I was little. I started supporting them as my dad was a big fan and although its a lit of travel I go to watch them as often as time and budget allows.

I am a fan of Las Vegas and have been many times I like to gamble and love going to the casino with friends especially if a few Bud’s are on the cards as well.

I love to travel

I travel a lot some for work but often for pleasure too and travelling is one of my passions especially as I like the warm and its gets mighty cold here in the winter.

I also follow the football and me and friends often pick a game to go to and so I have seen lots of my home country too. Following the Raiders I have been all over and even went to the 83 Superbowl in the stunning Tampa Stadium, Florida.

My other love is cars

I work in the automotive industry and unsurprisingly love cars and motorsport. I restore old cars and trucks and always have a restoration project or two on the go. I have a lock up that saves me having car parts all over the place and am currently restoring a Doge Super Bee Charger which is going to be awesome when I eventually finish it. I have restored old Chevy Trucks and proper American muscle cars and will take virtually anything on the latest being a barn find.

I hope you enjoy my blog and if you want to get in touch go to the contact me page and send me an email I would love to hear your thoughts on my posts.

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