I didn’t expect to bring back slate house signs

We ended up bringing slate house signs back from the UK

I ended up bringing back slate house signs from my holidays

I recently did a trip to the UK for a holiday and ended up bring back a bizarre item from my travels, slate house signs I had made whilst I was away! I obviously did not make the expensive and well planned trip to bring something like that back but when I saw them I just had to get them. We had made the trip to the UK to see more of the country after a couple of great trips that we had already made and to visit some friends we had picked up from the last trip and who we are now really close too.
They are from Wales and we absolutely loved the country when we did a few day trips into the area from our base in England. Our now friends were from Cardiff and they invited us to stay with them after we met them in London. We had a great night out with them and took in a couple of shows so when they suggested we go stay with them for a weekend we jumped at the chance.

Beautiful Welsh slate house signs

When we got to theirs my wife noticed the lovely slate house signs they had and instantly said we should look into getting one. After we had been welcomed in and were sat having a cup of tea Julie asked Mary when she had got them. Mary explained they were Welsh slate and we asked if we would have time to get some done for us. She wasn’t sure but she spoke to the company that had made her slate house signs and they made us a special case and offered to do them straight away and get the posted on a next day delivery to the hotel we were based at.

We designed our slate house signs in minutes

We went online to do the design for our signs and were amazed at just how easy it was to do. Making the signs look amazing was not hard and as we already had in mind what we wanted it took only a few minutes to do the whole thing and that was it.

The signs would be a constant reminder of our trip to Wales and the quality of them just speaks volumes. We were so happy when they were fitted we ever emailed a picture to our new Welsh friends. It is a lovely reminder of our friends and our trip and every time we arrive home it takes you back to very good times indeed. That won’t be the last memories we have of Wales as we are already planning another trip this time to base ourselves in Wales and take in more of this beautiful small country. On the next trip though we doubt we will bring back as strange an item as slate house signs although you never know with my wife! http://www.stonesign.com

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