second hand stoves project

My first second hand stoves project

Work on second hand stoves

I have a new past time that is currently making me some pocket money and that is srestoring second hand stoves. I first had the idea when I saw a battered old one that looked like it had loads of potential but had seen better days in a restoration yard I go to a lot. I spoke to the owner who is also a friend of mine and he mentioned the resale value of these second hand stoves was really good and that there was a high demand for them also.
When I got home I did some research into the market and found that second hand stoves were indeed going for good money especially restored ones. I called my friend at the yard and said I would take the one that he had and asked him to keep his eyes out for more.

My first second hand stoves project

i went to pick it up straight away and at the same time popped to get some new bits for it. The glass was smashed and the bricks inside were cracked so I ordered those bit and bought a tin of stove paint. It took a fair bit of rubbing down as it was left outside and was a solid cast iron stove and once this was done I sprayed the stove. To be honest even I was amazed at the difference as it came up literally like new. I was gutted I had to wait two days for the parts to arrive as once I saw the potential I was super keen to get it finished.

A couple of days passed and the glass and bricks turned up once they were fitted I could see I was onto something the stove had gone from a reclamation yard scrap second hand stoves buy to a stunning woodburner that would grace any home. The finished job was great but I noticed inside the grate didn’t look as good so thought to get the right finish I would check out the price of a replacement. So far I had spent $100 dollars on the stove and about $100 on the bits I needed to an extra $40 dollars seemed like a no brainer and so I ordered one from a dealer on next day delivery.

Completed second hand stoves work

All in it took less than a week to restore and that is with waiting time so when my second hand stoves project was done I was keen to get it sold asap and see whether it was worth the time effort and hassle. I checked out ebay and found second hand stoves were going for good money and so put it up for $500 as a started for ten. Within a day I had my first bid and to say I was over the moon was an understatement. Over the next couple of days the bidding continued until eventually my first second hand stoves project was sold for $800 making me a $560 profit.

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