Vehicle wrapping done now its off to the show

Vehicle wrapping creates a modern twist to an old classic

I had a vehicle wrapping job done ready for a motorshow

I love restoring old cars and adding a modern twist so I ordered a vehicle wrapping project to be completed on an old truck I had restored ready for a big regional motorshow I go to every year. It looked fantastic when completed but I wanted something different for the show but did not want to ruin the originality of the project so wanted something that could be taken back off when I got tired of it or wanted to sell it on. Real classic car aficionados want original and anything done to modify or “improve” is often something that will reduce the amount you are likely to get for the car.
Lovingly restored back to original state is by far the best way to ensure you make the most return when you do put it up for sale but vehicle wrapping will not devalue it as it can be easily taken off with no damage to the original features or paintwork which makes it perfect to add a modern twist to your old classic.

Vehicle wrapping was the final piece of a long list of works completed

The day I called my friends to do the vehicle wrapping job was a weight off my mind. This project had been far more complicated and time consuming than I had ever thought and I was in real danger of not making the show many times through the project. This was one of those restorations where if something could go wrong it did from finding major problems that needed sorting to trying to source rare items needed to make this a really original restoration.
I am a real stickler for originality and so will often spend hours and hours on the internet sourcing an original part of panel to ensure when the job is completed it is as close to how it left the factory as possible.
This particular truck was rare anyway and so finding parts and a few of the bodywork panels I needed was challenging to say the least and that was not the only problem I had numerous issues with the engine and for only the second time ever had to call in a few favours from mechanic friends of mine to resolve some of them.

The truck is done and into the Vehicle wrapping stage

The truck is now completed and the vehicle wrapping company has it for the final stage in the restoration. I am really excited to see how it comes out and to be honest I won’t have time to change it if I don’t with the show being next week. I am pretty sure it will look fantastic as the visuals looked amazing so I have a good idea how it will look. I hope it does look great as it cost a pretty penny, I never realised how much vehicle wrapping work would be and these are mates rates but it is significantly cheaper and less permanent than a paint job so I think I made the right decision.

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